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Treasurer’s Report-Angie Debernardo

Update on the grants we approved at the last meeting.:

  • At the High School, the 10 laptops requested for the Digital Art Studio have been received by the Art Department.
  • The chemistry balance has been received by Mrs. Salyers.
  • The printer for confidential records requested earlier in the year for the HS has been received.
  • The Livescribe digital pens have been received by Sheri Halagan at Gurney.  The Math Clickers for Mrs. Cymanski and the Stair Risers for Mrs. Haynish  have been ordered .
  • We are waiting on invoices for the three approved components of the kidsMoveSmart initiative.

Art Show ran slightly over budget  – only $65 – because the committee wisely decided to invest in reusable laminated signs for the sandwich boards instead of making new signs year after year.


We have received some of the checks from the Heinen’s Rewards program this year.  Here are the amounts:

  • District      2214
  • Gurney
  • CFIS       1289
  • CFMS
  • CFHS
  • We received the May Boxtops check for CFIS.  It was for $1459.


Final figure on the CFIS fundraiser profit this year:  $2692   GREAT JOB!!


Treasurer’s Report

May 18, 2011

Current Account Balances:

Money Market $ 19,802.00

Checking $ 93,729.00

Total:   $ 113,531.00

Accounts Payable: $ 4 5,132.00


School Building Funds

Gurney $ 17,480.00

CFIS $ 6 ,385.00

CFMS $ 4 ,311.00

CFHS $ 2 ,017.00

Total Building Funds: $ 3 0,193.00

Other Fund Balances:

Class Fees $ 5 ,108.00

Student Enrichment $ 795.00

Professional Development $ 2 ,048.00

General Fund $ 17,848.00

Major Disbursements $ 5 ,261.00

Student Assistance $ 804.00

Special Programs $ 6 ,342.00

Other Funds Total: $ 3 8,206.00



First VP Report – Gigi Kuper-Lewis

  • Membership Report: Final numbers for the year: 384 total members including 98 teachers/administrators

Second Vice President Report – Meg Nachtwey

Chagrin Falls Fine Arts Show, Grades 7 – 12

  • Had a great group of volunteers, a good number so that the set-up and take down were not exhausting for anyone. The focus of volunteer efforts was for the event set-up and take down. Poster-hanging and things of that nature were minimized.
  • A slide show during the awards program showing the student’s winning pieces, a mentor program with 6th graders, and some innovative art display equipment were added this year and will be considered again for next year.
  • There is some concern from the chairs that the judging is a little rushed and that students are potentially being overlooked for recognition. The teachers should have a list of students, especially graduating seniors, who are serious about their work and make sure they are appropriately recognized. This has been noted for next year.
  • $1000.00 budget was exceeded by about $70.00, but award stickers and ribbons had to be purchased this year, which last for 2-3 more years.

Financial Vice President’s Report – Laurie McCormack

School Supplies

  • MS, IS and Gurney have final supply lists, which will be posted on individual school web sites for those not purchasing Innisbrook boxes


  • On-line sale runs May 20-June 30. Prices have been finalized and approved.


  • Innisbrook order form flyer sent to Barb Wilson for approval (still waiting)


  • Each school will include Innisbrook order form flyer in their May newsletter and in separate e-mail blasts


  • Innisbrook flyer will be posted on the district web site.


  • Innisbrook posters in MS, IS and Gurney.


  • We received the TV for Mrs Riley.  We were able to buy it with our Giant Eagle points.
  • We have received checks from Heinens totaling $7234.


Financial Planning and Research

  • Vote on recommended Challenge Day request for $2800 – passed



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