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Thanks to the hard work of Angie DeBernardo and Allison Wouters, the PTO website has been freshened up and made easier to read. We hope that all parents and PTO members find the site a good source for timely information. Please check out the PTO website at www.chagrinfallspto.org

In keeping with the PTO’s objective, “to provide information about community programs to help inform and educate our membership,” PTO board members will begin attending monthly meetings of the Social Advocates for Youth (SAY) Parent Committee.
SAY is a school based prevention and early intervention program of Bellefaire JCB for students in middle school and high school. SAY services are offered in eight suburban school districts including Chagrin Falls. Karen Kreinberg is the SAY representative working in the Chagrin Falls High School. Monthly meetings are held at the Bellefaire JCB location at 22001 Fairmount Blvd. in Shaker Heights.

Reminder – No December meeting.


Levy discussion: The levy will be on the ballot on March 6 and the amount will be discussed in detail at the Nov. 21 School Board meeting scheduled for 5:00 in the Sands Community Room. The final determination of millage will be decided at a special School Board meeting the week of 11-28 (date TBD).

PD Days: The staff at the Chagrin Falls Schools is engaged in on-going high quality professional development. This comes from two full day sessions, eight delayed starts and monthly staff meetings. During this time, the staff is working on a variety of building and district initiatives that all support our district goal to improve student learning. The following is a sampling of the types of activities our staff will be engaged in this year both at the building and district level:

• Learning about formative assessments
• Creating formative assessments
• Learning the functions of Testing Werks
• Learning additional functions of Compass Learning
• Communicating about curriculum and instruction both vertically and horizontally
• Investigating the New State Standards and Common Core Standards
• Analyzing the Crosswalk documents provided by the Ohio Department of Education comparing the current course of study with the New State Standards and Common Core Standards
• Analyzing student local, state and national test data
• Learning additional pieces of the K-4 language arts program adopted last year
• Learning about the new 6-8 language arts program
• Rewriting curriculum in science, guidance and art
• Reviewing curriculum in all subject areas
• Working on building and department goals
• Refining RTI procedures
• Integrated Units in the Related Arts
• Curriculum Mapping
• Aims Web Behavior Tools

Technology: We had our first technology meeting this week. We had administrators, teachers and parents on the committee. Mike Daugherty from Smart Solutions reviewed the progress on past and current technology projects and we had a discussion on the pros and cons of one-to-one computing. We will be meeting again in January to present a plan to the committee regarding the future of technology in the district.

Science Curriculum: I have been meeting with the science teachers to rewrite the science curriculum using the new Common Core Standards. We will be looking at materials next, with the expectation of adopting new textbooks for next year.

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