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Reward Programs = Free Money For Our Schools

It’s time to re-register your school choice with the Heinen’s Reward Program!  Heinen’s begins collecting your shopping credits this week and will use your total from now through April to determine how much they will donate to Chagrin Falls Schools.  1% of every dollar you spend in their stores will be donated to our schools.  Everyone must register their cards EVERY year.
If you are already registered with their program, log in.  Go to “Update My Profile” in the upper right corner.  On the Profile Page, scroll to the bottom section on the ABC School Donation Program.  There is a drop down menu to select a city and then a school.  Update the page and you are done for the year!


Giant Eagle also has a program to contribute a percentage of your purchases to local schools.  You can register for it online at Giant Eagle’s Apples for Students page.


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