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PTO Annual Business Meeting

The PTO Annual Business Meeting will take place on Tuesday, April 9 at 7:30 pm in the Sands Community Room. The slate of PTO officers for the 2019-2020 school year as well as the grants that will be voted on are as follows:

Nominations for the 2019-2020 PTO Officers are:

For President: Tracie Maschke
For Vice President: Christina Lordan
For Financial Vice President: Shannon Hoch
For Communications Administrator: Kathryn Fracci
For Treasurer: Mia Benscath
For Assistant Treasurer: Claire Jones
For Financial Planning and Research: Leah Eickhoff
For District Fundraising: Danielle Agnello


PTO Major Grant Approval Recommendations (2018-2019)


Tiger Perk Coffee Shop (District)  asking $ 99,500. PTO would commit up to $40,000

  • Funds are being requested for the design, construction, and equipment for a new coffee shop to be run by special needs students in the high school.


Speaker- Dr. Lisa Damour (District) $1,250

  • Offer Chagrin Falls Parents, teachers and staff a speaker on topics of student anxiety, stress and resiliency.


One- Week residency with Great Lakes Theater in AP English Literature Classes (High School) asking $,1600- PTO would commit $800.  Remaining half to be paid by another support organization.

  • Great Lakes Theater Residency would work with AP Literature students on a classical play which will have been studied prior to the visit.  Students will experience an in-depth characterization of the plot and actively participate in an acting performance.
  • 55-60 students will use this to enhance their understanding of a classical play and use their insights for their AP exam.


Equipment for Video Production (High School) asking $6,089.91 PTO would commit $3,089.91. Remainder to be funded by another support organization.

  • Expand the  equipment available to Video Production class and Video Production club students.
  • Cameras- 2 Canon EOS Rebel T7i Digital SLR camera , Lens, bag and memory card ($1,598)
  • Wireless Lavalier Mics ($234.95)
  • Tracking Dolly for interviews ($1,099)
  • Laptops- 4 HP ProBook 450 G5 ($3,157.96)


Marching Band Trailer (High School) asking $9,000- PTO would commit $2,000 with other support organizations making up the difference.

  • Marching band in need of a 20’ trailer to haul instruments, lessen wear and tear on busses and make load time less.


Cardboard Regatta (Middle School) asking $1,041.92- PTO would commit $342.33. Remainder to be funded by another support organization.

  • 2nd Annual Cardboard regatta- a culminating interdisciplinary unit designed to so that students will use their skills from all classes with an objective to promote global awareness and demonstrate the power of working together.
  • 7th grade class needs materials for building boats, lifeguards and prizes for this program.


Standards-based Grade Conference (Middle School) asking $4,030- PTO would commit $1,078 to cover conference registration.  Another support organization to cover travel expenses.

  • Cover costs for teachers (Ausperk and Moore) to attend the 5th Annual Standards Based Grading Conference: Developing a Culture of Learning or the workshop.
  • Costs to include conference, transportation, lodging and meals.


Tiger Trailblazers (Middle School) $1,470

  • Principal Discenza to create a program where staff nominates students for Tiger Trail Blazers each month. They would like funding for a quarterly breakfast, character pins and materials for Tiger quarterly activities (pencils, key chains, discount dance tickets, board games, etc.)


Yamaha Piano ( Intermediate School) asking $3,270 PTO would commit $1,635.  Remaining half to be paid by another support organization.

  • There is a need for a new digital piano for the general music classroom at the newly constructed Intermediate School.


Bloomboard Microcredentaling (Gurney) asking $7,050 PTO would commit $3,525 with remainder to be paid by another support organization.

  • Dr. Jones is asking for funding of a program in personalized, online professional development for teachers and administrators at Gurney.
  • 6 teachers to complete 5 micro-credential courses- $5,000
  • 12 administrators to complete 1 micro-credential course – $2,050


Fine Motor Bootcamp, LLC (Gurney) $3,500

  • Fine Motor Bootcamp. LLC provides activities that facilitate student engagement in fine motor activities to build strength and dexterity. Includes 25 activities aimed at reversing the effects of too much screen time on younger children.
  • Plan would be implemented in all Kindergarten classes.


Please contact Antoanela Vaccaro for full description of any grant @

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