Forum Meetings

Wednesday, September 14 – PTO Quarterly Forum (Topic: Technology and the new Innovation Center)

Wednesday, December 7 – Postponed

Wednesday, February 15 – with CFEVS administration:  Community Update on Proposed Facility Renovations

Tuesday, April 18 – PTO Annual Business Meeting

All PTO Members are invited to attend the
Annual Business Meeting to approve the
Major Grant Summary 2016-2017 handed down by the
Financial Planning and Research Committee (totaling $24,907.00)
and to vote on the slate for the 2017-2018 School Year:
President – Janelle Ranieri
Vice President – Annie Amata
Financial VP – Maggie Stauffer
Communications Officer – Lauren Jones
Treasurer – Sarah Kostura
Assistant Treasurer (2yrs) – Shannon Hoch
Financial Planning & Research – Kathie Campbell
Fundraising – Dora Pruce/Kelly Stukus