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The purpose of the PTO is to promote the education and welfare of children by providing educational enrichment through monies raised by fundraising.   Any teacher, administrator, staff member, parent or student may request funds by completing the Common Grant Application Request. On average, the Chagrin Falls PTO donates $60,000 each year to our school system.

Our PTO generally only funds items of educational value to our students. PTO does not fund salaries and gives low priority to furniture, office equipment and carpeting. Also, purchases that will become part of the ongoing curriculum should be incorporated in the department’s budget for the following year as they will not be funded by the PTO in subsequent years.

PTO has several funding options when considering grant requests.

1. BUILDING FUNDS: Each school has its own PTO fundraiser and all monies earned are for that school’s use. Funding for purchases under $500 requires the approval of two PTO section chairs for that school. Funding requests over $500 must be evaluated by the PTO Financial Planning and Research Committee and approved at our monthly meetings. Building fund money is available throughout the year.
2. MAJOR DISBURSEMENTS: Funds for large dollar items are generally available in the spring. The time line for these requests will be outlined in a memo in December. The Financial Planning and Research Committee evaluates all major disbursement requests and makes recommendations to the General PTO for vote at the April PTO meeting. Major purchases may be approved earlier if monies are available and timing is a factor.
3. STUDENT ENRICHMENT FUNDS: Each year, PTO makes $1500 available to each school for enrichment activities. The school principal has discretion over the use of these funds. If you have an idea for an enrichment activity, please share it with your principal. Enrichment requests above $1500 may be granted through Building Funds or Major Disbursements.
4. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT FUNDS: Each year, PTO makes $1500 available to each school for professional development. The school principal must approve these requests prior to submission.
The PTO is pleased to provide funding that supports and strengthens the educational and enrichment programs in our schools.

Grants are evaluated by a committee of parents each year in February and March.  Their recommendations for funding are presented to the PTO at the March General Meeting.  If you are interested in serving on the Financial Planning Committee, please contact Financial VP Shannon Hoch at

Deadline For Major Grant Requests (in excess of $500):

Funding is determined at our April General Meeting.

All PTO members are eligible to vote on the recommendations of the PTO Financial Planning and Research Committee.