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  • After you create your account, get it on your phone! Go to the App Store, search and download the Join Our Class Mobile App…log in for mobile access!
  • Read the tips for use at the bottom of this page to maximize your user experience!
  • Problems or Questions? Read the tips below. Or, contact Dora Pruce at for help. PLEASE, DO NOT CONTACT JOIN OUR CLASS!

Note: Your access time period will expire on August 31, 2020. You will have the opportunity to renew your directory when you join PTO in 2020!

Chagrin Falls Directory - Mobile App

Family and Staff Contact Information is now just a click away with our new digital directory and mobile app! Phone numbers, emails and addresses are all available to you. Search by student, parent or grade! It couldn't be any easier!
    You are purchasing access to our Chagrin Falls School Directory UNTIL AUGUST 31, 2020 at which time your access will expire. But don't fear! You will regain access when you join PTO in 2020. NOTE: This is a purchase for an individual or family only. Please allow 48-72 hours to process. If you have any questions, please reach out to Dora Pruce - Thank you!



  • Go to your device’s app store and download the Join Our Class mobile app
  • Once you’ve logged in the first time using your account information, you can stay logged in for faster access each time.
  • Can’t seem to scroll down to login to the app? Have you altered your font size to be bigger? Reduce it just to be able to log into the app the one time, then you can change your font size back to the desired size!
  • Search by parent, student or staff! If toggling between them gives you circles for too long, swipe out of the app and go back in and you will quickly get to the page you desire. If it says, zero, zilch…start again, you’re typing faster than it’s finding names.
  • You can search by GRADE in TWO ways! To search by GRADE and then by student LAST NAME, go to the student tab, click on the search tool and insert the grade number you desire, only students in the grade will show. Or, go to the CLASSES tab and click on the grade you want to see. This way sorts by first name.
  • This app allows you to email or call right from the app!


  • Want to update or add your own information? Log into the desktop version and you can edit your family. Click on student view to edit your child and click on parent view to edit adult information.
  • Want to make some or all of your contact information private? Or be removed from the directory? After logging onto the desktop version, you can make any or all of your information private by toggling on the private button next to the information you want to hide.  Or take yourself out at any time completely by deleting yourself from the directory!


  • I can’t find the Join Our Class invitation email? Check your junk folder. If you still can’t find it…did you purchase? Please give us up to 72 hours to process.
  • Are you a new family to Chagrin Falls? Contact Tracie Maschke at to be added to the directory.
  • More questions? Just ask! Contact Tracie Maschke at or Dora Pruce at