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What We’ve Funded

PTO Gave Away Almost $75,000 in the 2018-2019 School Year~ Thank You For Your Support!

PTO voted on major grants and gave away almost $75,000 this year! Thank you for making this possible with your donations to our unfundraiser and our building fundraisers! These grants enable our District to do many things beyond what their budget allows. Here is a list of what we approved:
$40,000 Tiger Perks (District)
$1,250 Mental health speaker Dr. Amour (District)
$3,090 Equipment for video production (HS)
$2,000 Band Trailer (HS) 
$1,078 Standard-based grading conference (MS)
$1,470 Tiger Trailblazers (MS)
$1,635 Yamaha Piano (IS)
$3,525 Micro-credentialing for teachers (Gurney)
$3,500 Fine motor skills bootcamp (Gurney)
$960 Small group therapy (Gurney)
$2,315 One School One Book (Gurney)
$6,000 Student enrichment (all buildings)
$6,000 Professional development (all buildings)
$2,000 Student assistance fund (all buildings)