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A Brief Primer on PTO Funding

As parents, you receive promotions for various fundraisers all year.   Many of you participate generously in some – or all – of them. With a large number of support organizations in our area, there is almost always some fundraiser going on for some group.  It can be overwhelming to keep up with who is raising money for what.  Here’s what WE do each year to raise money for curriculum-enriching projects at our schools.

In September, the entire district participates in a cookie dough and wrapping paper sale.  Every kid has the opportunity to sell to friends and family.  The money raised from this goes in to a DISTRICT wide account that can be used to fund anything at any school.  This is our major source of funds.

Each school also holds a single BUILDING fundraiser each year which raises money for their own BUILDING fund – funds that can only be used to pay for things at that particular school.





Tiger Trek Walkathon/Class T-shirts (May)

CFIS Goes Hollywood Afterschool Movie (February)

Sloppy Bowls Ice Cream Social at Homecoming (October)

31-Day Cash Giveaway Daily Raffle (January)

Additionally, we also raise money through passive fundraisers like Heinen’s and Giant Eagle shopper credit programs and Boxtops collection.  Shoppers credit funds are shared by all schools  and Boxtops funds are used by the school that raises them – often for specific items.

Here’s what happens with the money you help us raise.

Throughout the year, your building representatives make decisions about any requests at their school that are under $500.  These are paid out immediately if granted.

Requests at all buildings in excess of $500 are reviewed by a committee of parents in February and March.  This committee recommends a spending plan for the funds we’ve raised for each building and for the whole district.  They present these recommendations at our March meeting; this gives PTO members a month to consider the requests before a final decision is made.   All PTO members present at the April meeting vote Yes or No to each request recommended by the parent committee.  Majority vote determines whether funding is granted.

Each year, we try to give away all the money we’ve raised (if good projects are presented to us) leaving a small amount of funds to get the year started the following year.

If you are interested in PTO funding, attend the March or April meetings.  We will post our recommendations and final decisions here as well.

Reward Programs = Free Money For Our Schools

It’s time to re-register your school choice with the Heinen’s Reward Program!  Heinen’s begins collecting your shopping credits this week and will use your total from now through April to determine how much they will donate to Chagrin Falls Schools.  1% of every dollar you spend in their stores will be donated to our schools.  Everyone must register their cards EVERY year.
If you are already registered with their program, log in.  Go to “Update My Profile” in the upper right corner.  On the Profile Page, scroll to the bottom section on the ABC School Donation Program.  There is a drop down menu to select a city and then a school.  Update the page and you are done for the year!


Giant Eagle also has a program to contribute a percentage of your purchases to local schools.  You can register for it online at Giant Eagle’s Apples for Students page.


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