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Gurney Elementary School


Next Box Tops Blitz Coming in February!: A friendly reminder to please keep clipping those Box Tops!!! Our next BLITZ week is February 12-16! Thank you for your support!

2017-2018 volunteer opportunities

Volunteers Needed for Gurney Tower Gardens: We are looking for one volunteer a week to assist with maintaining the Gurney Tower Gardens. These vertical indoor garden systems allow our students to watch the entire growing process from seed to harvest. It is a really fun and unique way to teach our children about the growing process. Sign up to volunteer at:
These hour-long volunteer responsibilities include creating/maintaining a safe play environment at recess and assisting with any child needs in the lunchroom. Sign up opportunities for the first few weeks of recess and lunch can be found here:
We appreciate all your time and efforts to help make this a fantastic year!!
If you have any questions about Gurney PTO/volunteering, please feel free to contact us
Monica Shein at Lead Rep
Mia Benscath at Finance Rep
Emily Glorioso at Gurney Communications Rep

Gurney PTO Lead Section Representative
Gurney PTO Section Representative (Communications)
Gurney PTO Section Representative (Financial)