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Gurney Elementary School


2018-2019 volunteer opportunities

These hour-long volunteer responsibilities include creating/maintaining a safe play environment at recess and assisting with any child needs in the lunchroom. Sign up opportunities for the first few weeks of recess and lunch can be found here:
Library volunteers help their child’s class check books in and out, shelve books, and help the students find books.
Kindergarten sign-up
1st Grade sign-up
2nd Grade sign-up
3rd Grade sign-up
The Art Appreciation Committee is looking for four volunteers per class. You will guide your child’s class through art discussion on a predetermined piece of art. Planning resources are provided with an optional in-person training in the fall. No art background or teaching experience needed!
Kindergarten parents are invited to help volunteer in their child’s art class and assist Mrs. Mynchenberg as needed.
Come get involved by helping to mat student artwork, prepare materials for upcoming classes and decorate bulletin boards. No artistic ability required! Meet up with Mrs. Mynchenberg for a 60-90 minute time slot to support our young artists.
Anyone interested in helping with the Gurney Yearbook for the 2018-2019 school year, please contact Tracie Maschke at
We appreciate all your time and efforts to help make this a fantastic year!!
If you have any questions about Gurney PTO/volunteering, please feel free to contact us
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