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PTO Calendar

The PTO calendar program has been cancelled for 2013-14.

Although the calendar has been a valuable addition to our community, we’ve seen sales drop off for the last 5 years.  In fact, we’ve lost more money each year on the project.  It is our conclusion that many parents have started using digital calendars.  Although we have a loyal following of paper calendar users, the group is not large enough to sustain the program.

Last year, we met with school administration and decided to hand over the task of maintaining a complete school events calendar over to them.

You can find out what’s happening at the Chagrin Falls Schools Calendar.  At this link, you can customize the events you’d like to see using the “filter” option at the top of the page – and you can print a monthly calendar using the “print” option as well.

We hope that this online calendar will provide a more accurate resource to parents since it will be maintained and updated throughout the year.