Chagrin Falls PTO knows the importance of supporting our teaching staff and administrators. We love to get behind our teachers’ creative and innovative ideas to enrich classroom experiences. We get dozens of amazing grant requests every year from staff at every building and the money contributed to PTO by our community and family members goes directly into our schools.

Donate to CF PTO

Chagrin Falls PTO has given thousands of dollars in 2020-2021 to the following and more…

    • Custom Visual Textbooks
    • Music Staff Magnetic Whiteboard
    • Marcy/Cooke Tiling Activities-Math
    • Gipper Graphics
    • Responsive Classroom Workshop
    • Sora Book Club
    • UH Safety Squad
    • Newspaper Club
    • COSI
    • Gimikit Subscription
    • Nikon accessories and equipment
    • Teachers College Organization


Shopping Credits with Affiliate Programs

There are many national and local affiliate programs that put cash back directly into the pocket of the PTO. Please take a few minutes to sign-up (usually with your rewards card) and sit back while rewards are directly sent to our schools! Ideally, we’d like you register now, while you remember. But, if you forget, you can register through March and all of your purchases as of Sept 1, 2022 will be included in your total!

Everyone in the district as well as any family members, friends, or community members can participate.

Donate and Support The Chagrin Falls PTO - Chagrin Falls, Ohio

As a member of Heinen’s Tasteful Rewards™ Program, up to 1% of your qualified purchases during the school year will be donated annually by Heinen’s to a local school of your choice. This adds up to a lot of money for our schools!

For Heinen’s Teaming Up for Education program, if you have a tasteful rewards account with Heinens, click HERE and follow the instructions on the page.  If you don’t have a tasteful rewards account, please click HERE to create one, then on the left side nav bar, click on Teaming Up for Education. If you need further assistance, please call the Heinen’s help line at (855) 475-2300 x 2337 or visit customer service. This just takes a minute, but Heinen’s requires that you re-register each year.

Click HERE to register

Donate and Support the Chagrin Falls PTO

We welcome direct donations, which are tax deductible due to our status as a 501(c)(3) organization.