There’s never been a more necessary time to join the Chagrin Falls PTO! Our teachers, staff, students, and families need our support more than ever. Even though we don’t know what exactly that looks like for this year, we do know that our schools are being asked to navigate reopening in ways we could never have imagined. Whether you have chosen the hybrid model or the virtual academy, you can count on your membership dollars being put to good use in our school system.


We are pleased to announce new membership options that will fit any budget; and provide FREE ONE-YEAR ACCESS TO OUR SCHOOL DIRECTORY APP at every membership level.


The PTO’s goal is to have 100% membership across the district, not only so that we have the capacity to truly make a difference in our school community, but to amplify the personal connection between members.



PTO Levels of Membership

BRONZE – $25

YES, I want to help support the basic functions of our PTO!

 SILVER – $50

YES, I want to help support the basic functions of our PTO…PLUS

  • show our children’s teachers and bus drivers appreciation
  • celebrate community members who make a difference
  • welcome new families into our district
  • recognize outstanding teachers through service and teacher/staff of the year awards

GOLD – $100

YES, I want to do all of the above…PLUS

  • bring meaningful lecturers and programming to help parents and students navigate challenges
  • support our art department and talented art students at the art show (even if it’s virtual)
  • fund impactful school PTO grants and enhance the school experience for all children


YES, I’d like to help with all of the above…PLUS

“pay it forward” to any neighbors who may not be able to contribute this year!


YES, I value the connection the schools have to our families


YES, I appreciate the work PTO does and would like to activate my 1-year free membership due to COVID-19.